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  Welcome to Digital Sermon Transcription!



A few of our weekly service pastors...

I'm Ginger Schell, the owner of Digital Sermon Transcription. We specialize in converting audio sermons into text format for Christian speakers, pastors, evangelists, church leaders, authors, and publishers at a competitive rate. We are dedicated to prompt service, exceptional accuracy, and responsiveness to our clients' needs. We provide the highest quality transcripts with a variety of available features:

  • Word or PDF Documents...both can be saved, downloaded, and printed
  • Custom Header and Footer...including the name and location of your church
  • Numbered Pages
  • Bold, Italic, and Colored Bible Verses
  • Discount for Bulk Orders
  • Discounts for Weekly Service
  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
  • No Contract Required

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The Digital Sermon Transcription Story

In 2006, I attended what is considered to be one of the best medical transcription schools in the country...Andrews School of Medical Transcription. Although I was a good medical transcriptionist, I didn't like it. One Sunday, when I was sitting in church, listening to the sermon, I thought, I wish I could transcribe what he is saying. I came home and began researching whether or not there was a need for sermon transcription.

I quickly discovered pastors and pastors' assistants are thrilled to have one less thing on their plate of things to do. Most of them don't know much about transcription and are relieved to have the help. Most people underestimate the amount of time it takes. It takes an average of 3 hours to transcribe, format, and proofread a 30-minute sermon...and that is with the proper equipment, such as a foot pedal and shorthand software.

Once I knew many churches wanted and needed this kind of service, I started looking for a job. Most of the transcription companies I spoke with offered sermon transcription, but it was mixed in with many other types of transcription, and I was determined to specialize. So...I decided to go into business for myself. It has been one of the best and most satisfying decisions I've ever made.


I have several great people who work for me, including a youth pastor, but in order to ensure consistency, every transcript is personally reviewed by me. The way I see it, the transcriptionists work for me, and I work for you. All of the transcriptionists who work for me work from home and are U.S. citizens. I don't outsource and never will.

How Can I Help You?

Sermon transcripts can be a vital part of your ministry. If you need any help getting started or have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly any time.


(217) 516-8414

"Let my heart be broken with the things that break God's heart." -- Bob Pierce, World Vision founder